Activewear feels like my second skin,
there is not a day that goes by that I don’t put it on.

I was an avid dancer and spent the majority of my childhood in some form of lycra. As I grew older this lycra changed to activewear and I have spent the last 5 years calling it my ‘uniform’. I founded my personal training business in 2017 when I was 17 years old and it was at the height of COVID-19 that I decided to take the leap and rebrand it to activewear.

Over the years I have seen women of all shapes, sizes and ages wear and train in various brands of activewear. They were always pulling up, adjusting, complaining or not feeling their most confident self in their choice of clothing. Too often, these women sported activewear that looked great in a bathroom selfie, but did not hold up when actually exercising. Similarly, functional activewear did not fulfil their desire to feel elegant, sexy and feminine at the same time.

My aim is to remove the disconnect between function and fashion and allow women to move freely and confidently - no matter what the day entails. 
KFIT was designed with the ‘everyday woman’ in mind. The one that wants to go to meetings followed by coffee with her friends. The one that has a million errands to run but doesn’t want to look underdressed while doing so. The one that wants to push the limits in their workout but wants to feel equally elegant and sexy. KFIT is for the woman who wants to do it all, while doing the least with her wardrobe. KFIT is where capsule luxury meets sport, form and function.

I pride KFIT on the custom material that I have created. It is a specific blend that has been designed and woven for the best possible fit and feel. Months of trialling, testing, wearing and washing allowed us to develop what has been used throughout the entire collection. You will not see a strap digging into a shoulder, a waistband restricting one's core, a leg of a short pushing in on a thigh or a band cutting into a back. I have designed every piece to work with, and work out with, the female body, mind and lifestyle, not against it. KFIT is activewear designed to align. 

This is my uniform, and I hope it can be yours too.